Restaurant and bar

Our chefs know how to provide your day with unique taste. We are particularly famous for our breakfast. If you have breakfast at the„Grata by Centrum Hotels“ once, you will remember it forever.

Some people enjoy the wonderful yellow yolks of eggs from domestic farms; others take pleasure in the variety of cheeses, vegetables and fruit. They are also pleasantly surprised to discover healthy foods such as salmon, spinach, beans, walnuts and pumpkin seeds on the menu.

Our freshly made breads and soft sweet buns are very popular. The wonderful smells emanating from the kitchen tempt even those who do not usually have breakfast.

Neither will you be disappointed if you drop in here for lunch. Our kitchen offers a quick lunch on weekdays from 12 to 2 pm. The lunch menu is updated daily.

If you are organizing a business or a personal celebration, we invite you to try our “Capriccio”. restaurant The restaurant’s À la carte  – menu includes classic European dishes, which we have been cooking for the last 10 years. The most popular dishes are Greek salad, roast beef, and our special apple pie.

Our wines are chosen by a professional wine connoisseur and will satisfy even the most discerning wine drinker. We also stock a wide range of strong alcoholic drinks.

The “Capriccio” has seating for 50 persons.

For larger events, we suggest choosing the winter garden, which can accommodate 100 guests.